Italian Society of Savannah


To cherish the recollections of our homes and the birthplace of ourselves and our forefathers, to promote good fellowship among Italians and their descendants in this their adopted City and Country, and to promote an appreciation of Italian arts, culture, and science.


The Italian Society of Savannah is proud to call Savannah its home. Savannah is a vibrant, intellectual city, and a center for the arts, music and literature. The Savannah College of Art and Design has risen to international renown. Several events of national prominence are now being held in Savannah, including the Savannah Music Festival, the International Film Festival and the nationally recognized Savannah Book Festival. The Savannah National Historic Landmark District has been preserved though the efforts of the Historic Savannah Society and has earned presidential citations for its historic importance.

The Italian Society of Savannah was formed by 18 gentlemen in April of 2003. Today, the Society is comprised of approximately 75 members. Membership is available to Italian men, the sons, grandsons, and great-grandsons of Italian men and Italian women, and the sons of members of the Society. Membership to the Society is restricted to 75 resident members and 25 non-resident members, for a total not to exceed 100 members in accordance with the Society's Bylaws.

The purpose of the Society is expressed in its Mission Statement, as stated above. The Society is governed by an Executive Committee and operates in accordance with its Bylaws.