Italian Society of Savannah

To cherish the recollections of our homes and the birthplace of ourselves and our forefathers, to promote good fellowship among Italians and their descendants in this their adopted City and Country, and to promote an appreciation of Italian arts, culture, and science.

Savannah Voice Festival

Consistent with the Society’s interests in supporting philanthropic endeavors and promoting our Italian heritage and the arts in accordance with the Society’s mission, we are pleased to be a proud sponsor of the Savannah VOICE Festival.


The Savannah VOICE Festival is a unique combination of high quality performances, community engagement, and arts education. It embraces the iconic city of Savannah, Georgia during the month of August and increasingly throughout the year. Providing diverse and engaging programming and education is both the highlight of the festival... and the mission of the organization. IT'S ABOUT EXCELLENCE... AND EXCITEMENT... IN THE VOCAL ARTS.

Led by opera legend Sherrill Milnes and his wife, soprano Maria Zouves, "SVF" partners with its sister organization established in 2001, The VOICExperience Foundation, to bring opera, musical theatre and song interpreted by over 50 classically trained emerging artists. The festival and its year round events create an excitement throughout the region, making Savannah an arts destination sought after by music lovers throughout the world.


The SVF made its debut in Savannah in 2013 and brought some of the finest young opera and voice talent from around the country in a 15-day run, spanning four different concerts in multiple venues from around the city. This year, SVF will again be bringing talent to perform in Savannah this coming August.


We encourage members to visit More information regarding sponsorship, donation opportunities, and upcoming SVF events is provided in the “News” page below, which is a members-only page.