Italian Society of Savannah


To cherish the recollections of our homes and the birthplace of ourselves and our forefathers, to promote good fellowship among Italians and their descendants in this their adopted City and Country, and to promote an appreciation of Italian arts, culture, and science.

Apply for Membership

Application Procedure

Any person desiring to become a member must have his application
presented in writing to the Membership Committee and each applicant must be
nominated by a member in good standing (primary sponsor) and further vouched
for by at least two (2) other members (secondary sponsors) in good standing in the
Society. The primary sponsor shall assist the applicant in obtaining secondary

All applications are to be processed by the Membership Committee. Upon receipt of the completed application, the Membership Committee will notify all members of the candidate’s name and distribute a brief profile description of the candidate. Members must reply in writing to the President within two weeks if a candidate is felt to be unsuitable for membership. The President will discuss the situation with the objecting member and an appropriate decision reached. Applications must be presented before the next regular meeting of the Society. A simple majority of membership voting at the meeting will be sufficient for election to membership. Each and every member on admission must subscribe to the Bylaws of the Society.

Dues and Initiation Fees

Initiation Fee: To constitute and provide funds for the purposes of the Society, each applicant, upon formal induction at a General Membership meeting, shall pay a non-refundable Initiation Fee of $150.  The Initiation Fee is not refundable and should be paid to the Treasurer at or shortly after the meeting when the applicant is inducted as a member.

Annual Dues: Each member shall pay to the Treasurer his annual dues of $325, which will cover costs for the member for the annual banquet, the member and a guest for the April Social function, and the three quarterly meetings. Members will be invoiced by the Treasurer in May and payment of annual dues will be due by July 1. Dues for members joining after the Columbus Day banquet and before the Spring Social are $165. Paid dues are required before a member can attend a major social event.

How to Apply

Complete the membership application provided as a downloadable Word document entitled "Member Application Form" located below.

Email completed application to:

   Dale De Roia

   ISS Membership Committee;

For further information regarding membership, email the Membership Committee at